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Toad Hollow
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NV Amplexus French Sparkling Wine

This wine is robust, with tiny bubbles and a long elegant finish. It is virtually dry, with a very small dosage, but rich in texture providing a very sensual mouth feel. The blend of grapes is Chardonnay, Mauzac, and Chenin Blanc.

TASTING NOTES: Crisp, dry, apples, strawberries, peaches, grapefruit, earthy, herbal, yeast.

WINEMAKING: Ther havest and a slow cool fermentation, the blends are made and the bottles are laid down on their sides for their secondary and final aging. The wines are left for over two years on the yeast, giving the marvelous Crémant style for which the area is justifiably famous.

Alcohol 12.5%
Acidity 0.35%
pH 3.30
Residualo Sugar 0.7%

“I am a NC resident first learned of Toad Hollow while visiting Florida. I fell in love with the Toad immediately and soon after became a club member. I love all the wine. The Toad is my man.”- Myra and James Byrd and Goodner

“For a Sunday Morning with breakfast in bed, Amplexus is the choice, hands down!” - Carl Smith

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$16.19 Case Price (Per bottle)
$14.39 Club Price (Members discount applied during checkout)